Nailsworth Strength and Fitness utilises full-body resistance exercises and cardiovascular training to create fit and strong individuals - who look, feel and move better.

We use barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, sleds, prowlers, tyres, TRX and bodyweight exercises to provide challenging workouts with specific goals in mind. Please see the About section to learn more about the trainers.

All Training takes place in the NSF gym - a fully private, cutting-edge training facility in the centre of Nailsworth.

Latest Testimonials:


Apr 03, 2016 by Mike

After seeing a muscoskeletal specialist and enrolling the help of a Liam who specialises in back rehab. They put me to task to rebuild my back from the bottom up (literally!). It’s been nearly a year now and the progress and difference is remarkable! Don’t get me wrong, i’m still not 100% and I do have the odd twinge but I no longer have massive episodes that leave me unable to stand up straight or bed ridden.

Also, I don’t see chiropractors once a week, nor once a month, maybe not even once a quarter anymore. I also wake up pain free, I can sleep on both sides of my body and on my back comfortably. I can even stand up for long periods and go for walks without fear of the onset of pain! I’m now on the road to having a ‘normal’ back which, is something i never thought I’d have. I can go for long walks, I can even carry shopping without fear of a relapse/seemingly never-ending pain. It’s the small things hey?


Dec 22, 2015 by Faye

Thank you Liam for my assessment today, it was so interesting.

I’m so pleased to finally get to the route of my problem. Can’t wait to get to work and look forward to unlocking my full potential in the gym!

I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Nailsworth Strength and Fitness



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