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Online Personal Training is ideal for those wanting a bespoke workout plan and nutrition guidance to implement in your own time; you will recieve ongoing support by email and phone whenever needed.

Included in the Package

If you are local to the area then we would highly recommend you attend the gym for an initial consultation – this will include a full biomechanical screening to give us an understanding of how your body is functioning and performing. We can also have a chat with you about your goals and what it is exactly you want to get from your bespoke programme. For this initial assessment there is an additional one-off fee of £40.

The Workout Plan 

The workout plan is ongoing and will be reassessed every four weeks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training. This plan will include a thorough warm-up to ensure your can train at your best and in the safest manner possible. The warm-up and the main body of the programme will be progressed when suitable, and will be bespoke to you and tailored around the time and equipment you have available.

Nutritional Support

We will provide you with your daily calorie and macronutrient needs in order to meet your goals. We would strongly suggest that you use My Fitness Pal to record your food so that we can monitor what you’re eating and provide you with suggestions and ideas when needed.


£99 per month.

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