Doug Pickering

Weight Loss | Physique | Sports Massage

I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist for almost 10 years. I am a full-time fire fighter and as such health and fitness is a huge part of my life. I have competed in bodybuilding and have a passion for learning the way the human body reacts to proper exercise and nutrition.

If you need a good sports massage or normal deep tissue massage I am your man. I am over 17.5 stone in weight and have the strength to match it; this means that after a massage with me you will be left feeling fresh and revived with all the knots and kinks ironed out – literally.

I have been personal training people of all different backgrounds and with specific goals for almost 10 years and I always get good results. Personal training is all about you receiving the help, support and guidance you need to help you achieve your goals the quickest way possible. If you are prepared to give it your all I guarantee I can help you get to where you want to be.

My training style is innovative but using the basics of tried and proven methods to workout with. I always get positive results and seek to make my sessions interesting and enjoyable, but be warned it will be tough!

If you want it easy then I am not for you as easy does not get results!

Telephone: 07515 386 183