Louise Norden

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I am originally from Sweden but have lived and worked in England for 5 years now. The world of fitness fascinates me; I started training when I turned 16 years old, and I have been hooked since then. Over the years I have gained knowledge and experience through my training and I am continually striving to expand my knowledge of exercise, health and fitness for the benefit of both myself and my clients.

Personal Training is my passion, a passion to help people live better lives. To see someone achieve their goals as a result of my help gives me great pride and satisfaction as a professional personal trainer.

I am a hard worker, sincere, friendly and very easy to get on with. I take my job seriously. Exercise and nutrition play a great role in my mission to get the public fit and healthy, and with my expert training you will receive the best advice and exercise programmes tailored for your goals. But best and most importantly we will build a great training and working friendship which hopefully will inspire and motivate you to achieve your top training performances and fulfil your fitness potential.

I absolutely love strength training and have competed in strongwoman competitions, both open weight and weight division, where I have placed on all off them. I also compete in powerlifting where I compete in U63kg category, qualifying for and competing on the British Championships 2016.

Being fit isn’t just about looking your best – it’s about feeling your best, your health is priceless and I want everyone to know it.

The initial health assessment, body composition testing and movement screening is FREE – get in touch for a programme that will get you feeling your best!

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