Marzipan Pralines

Struggling to stay on track with your no sugar goals so far this year? Why not try these ones out? I made these ones for the family at Christmas time and they all thought they where very unhealthy due to the amazing taste.  They are super simple to make and doesn’t take long either. Enjoy one or two with a nice cup of coffee and your cravings are settled for the day. 

From this batch I made 18 pralines, you can make them with either sugar free chocolate or use normal chocolate. The main difference is the sugar and carbs.

200ml Almond flour
1.5tbp Stevia sweetener
1 eggwhite

Sugar free chocolate (Milk, Dark, White)
Do like this

Mix all ingredients together using a spoon for a minute or two. Now spice it up with your favorite spices, or flavdrops from Myprotein. I split the batch up in three lots and made toffee, vanilla (MPflav drops) and cinnamon.

Roll them into small balls and then dip them in chocolate and then let them cool down in the fridge. Enjoy.









Per praline is roughly 35 Calories, 3C,3F,1.4P.
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