Tasty Chicken

Are you one off these people who are struggling with eating chicken due to the boring/dry taste etc? Need some help with some inspiration to enjoy eating it?

Time to get creative and get those taste buds go crazy! It’s so simple and quick as well. I normally cook 1kg of chicken breasts, as I’m always out and about and saves me a lot of time as I normally don’t have time to cook my meals every day.


I dice the chicken up, as I weigh it up.
You can cook them whole if you prefer as well. Cooking time will be a bit longer though.


Do like this

Turn oven on 200 degrees

-Dice Chicken (If you want to)

-Place in a mixing bowl

– Spice it up!

I use the following spices

Himalayan Salt, Black pepper, Paprika, Chilli, Garlic, Herbs(fresh or dry), Lemon juice and whatever spice you enjoy. Don’t use 1 or 2 spices, use a minimum of 3!


That’s right! Go crazy with your spices. I sometimes use these amazing Mexican Chipotle Sauces, it’s very low if carbs and the sugar content is less than 5g per 100g. That is something you really need to look out for when using condiments, the sugar content! it’s a dangerous trap!!


In this picture below I use the following spices
Mexican Chipotle Sauce, Himalayan Salt, pepper, garlic, chilli, paprika, fresh Basil, Coriander and parsley. I mixed it/massage it in the chicken using my hand to really get the flavours in it.

Place it in an oven safe dish covered in foil or greaseproof paper (Saves washing up and no need for oil) Then cover the chicken with foil and place it in the oven for 18min. If you are cooking the breast whole, then the cooking time will be a bit longer. Don’t overcook the chicken either, that will make it dry as anything!


The main reason to cover the chicken up is that it will make the chicken a lot juicier and less dry.






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