Yummy Gingerbread Muffins

Hey all off you! I hope you are not stressed out with getting everything ready for Christmas! Christmas is about getting together, relax and be merry! As we all know we do eat a lot during Christmas, you might want to make something a little bit healthier or try something different? Here is the first of a few recipes of some amazing treats as promised…

I totally forgot to add the egg white in the mix, but they turned out to be really nice anyway! The texture is amazing, a bit gooey but yummy!

These are the macros for one muffin (based on my ingredients and 5 muffins)
104 Calories, C 18, F 1.6, P 6.4.


150ml oats (60g)
30g whey protein powder – vanilla
2/3tsp baking powder
2tsp gingerbread spice
2.5tbp stevia sweetener
1tsp salt
vanilla extract
2tbs mashed banana
100ml milk

Do it like This

Turn oven on 175 degrees, mix all ingredients using a hand blender, divide in small silicone moulds and bake for 15 min ( Don’t bake them too long as they can get dry). Take out and let them cool down,
you can freeze them if you wish!











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