You are not alone!

Yes, that’s right, a lot of my client’s confidence and self-belief is far too low. From my own experience of working with women in a gym setting this is all too common; as a trainer I believe in you and I know you can reach the goals you have set out to.

Gyms can be an intimidating environment; it’s a place you’re not used to, you’re trying new and strange exercises, you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You might not realise at first, but your mind and body are learning so much and the stresses placed on it will cause it to react in different ways.

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Women – It’s time to improve your body image

I have spent so many hours scrolling through Instagram and other social media with posts of beautiful woman who have made these “fantastic body transformations”, looking from one post to another I found myself wanting to look thinner, more shredded, nicer shaped legs, those visible abs and the list continues, and be as happy as these smiling women seems to be about their new bodies…


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How to: Deadlift

The deadlift is the king of all strength exercises; its simplicity is satisfying and there is no other exercise like it when it comes to displaying raw strength. Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you, though, lifting heavy weights from the floor requires you to master many technical facets of weight lifting: diaphragmatic breathing, bracing effectively, generating torque, understanding movement patterns and the ability to focus and channel aggression effectively. When learning to deadlift it’s wise to first regress the exercise and work your way through the progressions, starting with a glute bridge or a pull-through for basic patterning work, and then working through RDLs, trap bar deadlifts and finally conventional deadlifts. Learning to hinge at the hip (deadlift) is crucial to unlocking your potential in the gym and saving your back in the long run; as well as utilising the regressions to build a big deadlift you can also use them to re-hab bad backs and build strong stable knees. It must also be said that conventional deadlifting is not for everyone; for people competing in strength sports such as strongman and powerlifting it’s a must, but for people with no desire to compete in strength sports regressions of the deadlift such as hip thrusts, pull throughs and RDLs are always a much safer and equally effective option. (more…)

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How to: Squat

Squatting is a fundamental human movement pattern and the squat itself is arguably the exercise that gives you the biggest return on your investment. Sadly, for 99% of people the skill of squatting is lost somewhere between childhood and developing into an adult; the classic example is to compare a toddler with a grown-up, the toddler will perform a squat with exquisite technique through a full range of motion, an adult will get nowhere near! This is almost entirely due to our modern, more sedentary lifestyles – we’re simply not moving as much as we used to, and since we’re not moving, we’re usually sitting for long periods of time. Sitting may as well be the new smoking – it’s screwing with our posture, stiffening us up and promoting pain and dysfunction (think debilitating back pain). Learning to squat with good technique through a full range of motion will go along way towards: teaching you optimum human motor control, maximising your human physical potential, optimising your performance, and resolving pain and dysfunction. (more…)

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Accelerate Fat Loss With These Brutal Finishers

A ‘finisher’ is an intense series of exercises performed at the end of your main workout that will improve your VO2 Max in a fraction of the time of steady state cardio, and will accelerate your fat loss. They are, however, brutal, so should only be included once or twice at most throughout your training week; any more and your results will diminish, beating yourself into the ground week after week is never a good thing. (more…)

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Every Programme is a Fat-loss Programme

A good strength workout triggers an extremely complex series of events; ultimately, hormones and enzymes permit more protein to enter the cells, or less protein to break down and leave, or both. Over time, this reaction to the cellular and metabolic stress imposed by training leaves you with bigger, stronger, better-fueled muscles. But in the short term – the hours and days following each workout – your metabolism speeds up (EPOC). You’re asking it to do things it doesn’t ordinarily do which means it has to use fuel it doesn’t ordinarily use. When your goal is fat loss, that’s exactly what you want. (more…)

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NSF In Action

Here are a few recent shots of Nailsworth Strength and Fitness in action. We have male and female clients training and competing in a wide variety of events, all over the country. Simply awesome! (more…)

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The Other 23 Hours

Whether you’re talking about body composition, alleviation of pain or getting strong; you’ve made the decision to improve your lifestyle and you’ve taken the necessary steps to allow yourself to train hard for 1 hour during the day. This is a huge step forward, you’ve hired a health professional for that one hour in order to maximaise your results and guide you towards your goals, but perhaps more importantly, to really make the most of the hard work you’ve being putting in at the gym, you need to be thinking about the other 23 hours.  (more…)

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Moving Forward

The weekend of March 2nd saw Nailsworth Strength and Fitness compete in another strongman competition, this time in Northampton at the Progressive Training Systems Gym (Thank you guys for a very well run competition!). I love the thrill of competing, and although I’m usually far too nervous to really soak up the atmosphere on the day, I’m always riding a massive high for weeks after. I love the sense of accomplishment, and experiencing the highs and lows of competition, but most importantly – learning more about ones own strengths and weaknesses. (more…)

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