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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling art that uses throws, trips and takedowns to take the fight to the floor, it then uses positional dominance to control the opponent and uses submisions to finish. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires skill and technical expertise; a deep understanding of body mechanics, leverage, balance and movement; and resilience! The fight doesn’t always go your way, and when it doesn’t, you need to remain calm under pressure and draw from the hours of hard training you’ve put in over the years.


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Workout Post 27/05/2011


Another week of training’s passed with great results.

I’ve never really had a workout partner before as I’ve always trained on my own, not ever out of choice, but due to work commitments and time constraints, etc. What I’ve found over the last two weeks is that it really helps with motivation and effort – especially when it’s your younger brother! So maybe it’s my competitive nature which has made me push so hard this week – I’ve hit numbers on lifts I’ve never been able to before and I’m seeing real progress in my overall strength!

The morale of the story? Twist a friend’s arm into training with you (or preferably a younger sibling for that extra competitive edge!) and you’ll work twice as hard!


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Workout Post 23/05/2011


I had a really good session today – even though I was feeling a tad worse for wear after attending the wedding of two very good friends! I very nearly gave it a miss but thought better of it and pushed through.

I feel like my Front Squat form is coming along really well – I can comfortably squat using a Clean grip for the first time in ages and it feels good, I look forward to seeing my other lifts improve as a result.

Unfortunately I missed Jiu-Jitsu again this week 🙁 As soon as my travel arrangements are sorted I’ll re-focus!!! I miss Jiu-Jitsu!!!


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