Cinnamon Pancake

Cinnamon roll pancake with vanilla protein sauce
Pancake Day yesterday, but I think that every day can be a pancake day.
Sometimes I make protein pancakes from MP mix or when I got time I make them from scratch which I prefer, you can add some other ingredients etc.

It doesn’t take that much longer, just a bit more to prep and wash up, but if you got time, its worth it!
This is one of the many recipes on pancakes that I make.
You can swap the almond milk for normal milk if you prefer, the taste will be a little bit different but still delicious.



30g oats
½ tbs coconut flour
1 tsp cinnamon
2/3 baking powder
2 tsp stevia sweetener
2 tbs (30g) mashed banana
3-4 tbs unsweetened almond milk
2 egg whites

2 tbs almond butter mixed with
1-2 tbs almond milk

Vanilla protein sauce
1 tbs whey protein powder – vanilla flavour
1-2 tbs almond milk


Do like this

Mix all the ingredients for the pancake with a hand mixer.
heat up the frying pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil.
Fry on a medium heat for 45sec – 1 min on each side.
Mix the ingredients for the filling together and spread it out on the pancake.
Roll up and cut into smaller pieces.
Mix the ingredients for the sauce and drizzle over the pancakes rolls.

Nutrition for the whole roll
19 g Protein
28 g Carbohydrate
8 g   Fat
270 Calories
















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