Healthy Oven baked Pulled Chicken

Healthy Pulled Chicken

The other day I fancied to try and do some pulled chicken in the oven. I have to say, it’s so simple and wow, the result is absolutely delicious.
You can have it on a bun, mix it in your pasta dish, on a nice fresh salad bed, wraps, the ideas to what you can have pulled chicken with is endless.

Follow these simple steps for an amazing healthy, clean, super easy pulled chicken recipe!


1kg Chicken breast fillets
1 Large Onion
Spices (I used Jamaican spice and Mexican chipotle sauce)

Do like this
Turn oven on  180 degrees
Place spices in a big bowl, add the chicken and rub the spices in the fillets for 1-2 min.
Place the chicken on a tray covered with grease proof paper.
Chop the onion in half end then cut into slices. Spread them over the chicken. Cover up with foil tight and bake in the oven for about 60 – 90 min, until its tender.
Remove the chicken to a plate/bowl or cutting board. Using two forks, pull the chicken breasts apart to shred the meat. Place in an airtight container, pour over the gravy from the oven dish – as that will keep the chicken juicy and gives more flavours to it.
Serve it straight away whilst it’s warm, keep it in the fridge for a few days or freeze some of it.

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