Homemade 2 ingredient gelatin sweets!

I hope you have all had a fantastic summer and you’ve been enjoying the weather (when the sun has been out),  and had loads of BBQ’s and fun adventures!
Now its back to the routine of kids back to school, getting those diets back on track or just cleaning them up a little bit.
It can be a struggle to get back to it if you have been enjoying those sweet treats – sugar can be a right devil!

I discovered this amazing recipe and managed to create gelatin sweets made of either BCAA or protein powder – how amazing is that?!
Let your kids have them instead off normal sweets!

The two ingredients are gelatin, the other ingredient is either BCAA or protein powder of your choice.
So simple and it’s great to eat when those sweet tooth moments come; keep in your bag, take to the cinema, have as a weekend treat or just eat whenever 😉

I keep mine in the fridge and they last for ages, although I might have one or two every time I open the fridge – whoops!

2 Tsps. Gelatin powder
200ml Water
1 – 1.5tsps BCAA or protein powder

Do it like this:

Boil the water up, add the gelatine and stir until completely dissolved.
Then add your BCAA or protein powder.
BCAA – tropical storm and peach mango.
Protein powder – double chocolate, toffee and blueberry cheesecake flavours.

Mix it until everything has dissolved – poor it in little silicone moulds,
(you might need to rub some oil so it’s easier to get them out after), use some kitchen roll and a tiny bit of olive oil and rub round the moulds.

You can get some really cool silicone moulds on amazon or Ebay for not much money.

Please share your ideas and what flavours you made!












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