NSF Group X


The Ultimate Group Training Experience!

Focusing on high quality, small group training with a maximum of 8 people per class:

✓ Dedicated group training facility

✓ Nutrition, Training and Mindset

✓ Small Groups of 8

✓ High quality coaching

✓ 43 sessions a week


Small group numbers and access to our FREE online community make this the most comprehensive, results-driven programme in Gloucestershire!

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Pay Monthly (Premium):

2 x Weekly £119

3 x Weekly £149

4 x Weekly £173



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The Sessions...

Full Body
Full Body is a total-body workout using functional resistance exercises such as squats and barbell rows, and metabolic training to create fit and strong individuals – who look, feel and move better. You will be expertly coached in correct lifting technique and the session will be adapted to your individual ability.
Best for:
  • weight loss and toning
  • strength
  • fitness
HIIT is a full-body, high intensity conditioning session from start to finish! This expertly coached session will use all of our specialist equipment to give you an amazing workout; expect to use barbells, battle ropes, dog sleds, medicine balls and more!

Best for:

  • weight loss and toning
  • fitness
  • muscular endurance
A boxing fitness session brought to you with all of the latest techniques and methods. This is a fast-paced session with loads of skipping, pad work, shadow boxing, heavy bag work and bodyweight exercises thrown in!
Best For:
  • total body fitness and conditioning
  • weight loss
Group X Bootcamp is not your traditional bootcamp; using our specialist equipment you will be expertly coached to get you moving and sweating from start to finish. Start your day the right way and prepare to be challenged!
Best for:
  • weight loss
  • toning
  • fitness
Kettlercise is a full-body, action packed conditioning session from start to finish! You will experience focused instruction and form critique ensuring that you achieve the most from this incredible exercise session. This is a high energy class and you will be encouraged at a level that is appropriate to you.
Best for:
  • weight loss
  • toning
  • fitness
Stretch is a session designed to aid your recovery; it will combine moves from yoga, and use a combination of mobility and stretch exercises to relive tension in your mind and body.
Recovering optimally will allow you to progress even more with your gym and general training - an often neglected, but integral part of any exercise regime!
Best for:
  • Recovery
  • Flexibility And Mobility
  • Stress Relief
Strength and Conditioning
A full-body strength and conditioning session in the Group X gym. These sessions will differ from Full Body in the sense that the main focus of the session will be building strength in a big lift lift of your choice, using variations from powerlifting and olympic lifting. Focusing on using exquisite technique and becoming technically proficient, you will build up to lifting heavier weights in the 3 - 7 rep range.
After completing the main lift we will focus on a metabolic workout of the day to to get you moving and sweating!
Best for:
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
The Track sessions are your chance to pop in and get your stats taken so that we can measure your progress. This is a critical component to your training schedule as it will enable you to track your progress and keep you motivated.
You can do all or some of the following, it's up to you:
  • bodyweight
  • measurements
  • body fat percentage
This is a free session but limited to 8 people!
Upper Body
Bench press, rows, overhead press, and isolation techniques; Group X Upper Body will show you all of these movements and build your confidence in executing them effectively. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or seasoned lifter - our trainers and specialist equipment will ensure that you progress through all the variations safely and effectively.

Best for:

  • weight loss and toning
  • strength
  • muscle

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