Corrective Exercise

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Corrective exercise is a means of restoring your body’s function, improving your performance and reducing the likelihood of injury. It’s a powerful tool and has a huge scope of application, it can benefit everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete; people suffering from back, knee and shoulder pain, and people wishing to improve their performance in their chosen sport.

The basis of every corrective exercise programme is the assessment – Nailsworth Strength and Fitness take pride in offering a comprehensive screening process based on the science of human movement and real world experience. The screening process takes into account:

  • Posture
  • Range of movement across joints
  • Quality and efficiency of movement in an isolated setting
  • Quality and efficiency of movement in a dynamic setting
  • All other aspects that could affect the programming, such as current/historic injuries, pain, etc.

After the information has been collated and carefully cross-examined, an exercise plan will be designed with an emphasis on concise programming and logical progressions. 

A well thought out corrective exercise plan could include all manner of exercises from muscle activation, soft tissue and mobility exercises; to squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. It’s not only the standalone exercise that is important, it’s the quality of the programming and the logic behind the progressions included, that create an effective corrective exercise programme.

The objective of all programmes is to first restore function and build a solid, resilient foundation on which progression can be built, with the overall aim of performance enhancement and long-term health.


Squat to Stand Bottom

Squat to Stand Bottom












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Nailsworth Strength and Fitness – Corrective Exercise in Stroud and Nailsworth

Post Rehabilitation | Performance Enhancement | Injury Prevention