Low Back Pain

Evidence Based

At Nailsworth Strength and Fitness we follow a very modern, evidence-based approach to resolving back pain with amazing results. Over the last 6 years we’ve assessed 100s of patients with bad backs, 98% of which have been caused by no serious pathology – that is, there was no injury which caused the back pain, it was just something these patients had grown to live with.

Living with back pain is very common, and unfortunately there is lots of misinformation and outdated practices with regards to the treatment of back pain. At Nailsworth Strength and Fitness we take a whole-body approach starting with a thorough biomechanical screening, we will look at potential activities in your daily schedule that are causing and aggravating your back pain, we will teach you healthy movement patterns that will promote pain-free living and allow you to continue to do the activities you always loved, and we will teach you strategies and exercises to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and robust spine.


“I had years of back pain, which acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths and a host of expensive gadgets all failed to cure. Six months with Liam and I can sleep through the night and sit without pain. 

Liam tailored the sessions specifically to my needs, and the progression has been planned and gradual. I now have the core strength and stability I need for my back, but I’m continuing the sessions with the aim more on conditioning, knowing that Liam will ensure my technique or workout choice doesn’t risk injury.”


Being successful in rebuilding backs is not easy, nor is it easy to simplify. But we are very successful as a result of using skilled practitioners who follow an evidence-based approach centred around solid strategies for success.









“After seeing a muscoskeletal specialist and enrolling the help of a Liam who specialises in back rehab. They put me to task to rebuild my back from the bottom up (literally!). It’s been nearly a year now and the progress and difference is remarkable! Don’t get me wrong, i’m still not 100% and I do have the odd twinge but I no longer have massive episodes that leave me unable to stand up straight or bed ridden.

Also, I don’t see chiropractors once a week, nor once a month, maybe not even once a quarter anymore. I also wake up pain free, I can sleep on both sides of my body and on my back comfortably. I can even stand up for long periods and go for walks without fear of the onset of pain! I’m now on the road to having a ‘normal’ back which, is something i never thought I’d have. I can go for long walks, I can even carry shopping without fear of a relapse/seemingly never-ending pain. It’s the small things hey?”


At Nailsworth Strength and Fitness we pride ourselves in offering an extremely comprehensive low back pain screening process.

We take an integrated, whole body approach to assessing and treating low back pain. We will guide you through a structured and progressive training programme designed to alleviate your back pain while getting you moving, looking and feeling better than ever before. We will also provide you with the skills and knowledge to complete these corrective exercises in your own time, enabling you to take charge of your recovery and restore your body’s function.

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