Sports Massage

Why have a sports massage?

Regular massage will help you maintain a healthier body, prevent injuries, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, and boost your performance.


What is a sports massage?

Over time through stress, training, injury and general use muscles become tight and can develop areas of specific tension that can interfere with the muscle’s performance, these are known as knots. Deep tissue sports massage can help to decongest and improve the condition of the muscle which will alleviate this tension.

Sports massage is simply a deep tissue massage with added focus or specific techniques used on individual areas of knots or tightness that will aid to rid the body of these knots.


What are the benefits of sports massage?

Physical Benefits:

 – Enhance blood and nutrient flow to areas that are knotted.

 – Stretch the tissues deep within the muscles that often get missed during normal stretching.

Physiological Benefit:

 – Relax the muscles by stretching them and heat produced by deep tissue massage.

 – Reduce tension and pain – the feeling after a good massage is second to none as the body feels deeply rejuvenated.

Psychological Benefits:

 – Mental relaxation.


How often do I need a sports massage?

As often as you feel is necessary is the answer in reality. Your body will always get knots in the muscle tissues as this is a part of life. Sometimes these knots will go with stretching and use alone and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes these knots will hinder normal body movement and function and sometimes they won’t. A sports massage will definitely help to relieve these knots, however sometimes it may take a few sessions depending how long they have been there.

All of the above will be achieved in the comfort of your own home as I have a mobile couch that I can set up in any room with space for a bed. The only thing I ask is that when I give the massage all distractions are absent so that you get the most benefit possible from the session.

 So, book a sports massage today by clicking here or call Doug on 07515386183.