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Who doesn’t love jelly? Well, I thought I didn’t when I moved over here. My first thoughts were, what in earth is that?! Its looks disgusting! Every time I made it for the boys I made this grim face and couldn’t understand how you all love jelly so much.

Then when I tried to find other alternatives to sort out my sweet tooth, I thought, well let’s try this jelly then. Can’t be that bad?! Wow, I can’t believe it took me 2 years, it’s amazing. So sweet and yummy.
You all know how delicious it is, so I suppose I don’t need to explain that.

However, don’t know how many of you that eat the sugar free ones? If not, then swap now. The amount of sugar in a pot (125g) is around 12g of sugar and about 50 calories.
No added Sugar jelly has a trace of sugar and only 5 calories. It tastes sweet and it’s as delicious as normal jelly.

Swap today and add it to your list of healthier options in your lifestyle.




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