Women – It’s time to improve your body image

I have spent so many hours scrolling through Instagram and other social media with posts of beautiful woman who have made these “fantastic body transformations”, looking from one post to another I found myself wanting to look thinner, more shredded, nicer shaped legs, those visible abs and the list continues, and be as happy as these smiling women seems to be about their new bodies…

Not going lie, this made my self-esteem and not talk about my confidence drop. I had to shut that down and rewind my thoughts.
I love and accept my body, hasn’t always done, it’s something I have learnt which we all need to do.
Still, it doesn’t mean I’m immune to those thoughts and triggers.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any issues with these woman and their body transformations, but I have realized that it made me spend over an hour of thinking how and what I can do to get leaner and get “that body”


Aspirational advertising may be pretty effective marketing strategy, but it can be soul destroying for your self-esteem and your personal satisfaction concerned – It’s a bloody disaster and so wrong!!

You will compare yourself unfavourably when viewing images of “ideal” (photo shopped, fake or otherwise unrealistic) lives and bodies.
Viewing so many “prefect” bodies makes it pretty much impossible to look at your own body and say “ yeah, I love my body”

Research has shown that we subconsciously prefer the body types we see the most often, which is in part why women feel worse looking on those Instagram posts and flipping through a fashion magazine.  If you didn’t know, the brain respond to what we see, which is mostly in our adverting – clutter world – images of the current “ideal” standard of beauty, tall, thin, perfectly toned and not to forget the flawless skin, which represents – hmm, let’s see… almost nobody.
I’m short, not thin, not “perfectly toned” and definitely don’t have that flawless skin. Far too many scars (which has given me loads of great memories from competitions, growing up with doing loads of exciting things)

Let’s face it, we might not be able to defeat the effects that these images can have on us, however we sure do have same control over which ones we see!
If you are struggling to love and embrace your body, now it’s the time to remove everything that doesn’t help to improve the way you feel about your body. Unfollow those Instagram accounts straight away!!

Fill and surround yourself with whatever that will help you love and embrace your body. Support from family, friends, coach, validations and celebrations for who you are.


I want you to feel confident knowing that what you’re doing to look good, feel good, and feel healthy.
Life is too short to be unhappy with yourself, it is so important to love yourself!


Louise Norden | Nailsworth Strength and Fitness

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