You are not alone!

Yes, that’s right, a lot of my client’s confidence and self-belief is far too low. From my own experience of working with women in a gym setting this is all too common; as a trainer I believe in you and I know you can reach the goals you have set out to.

Gyms can be an intimidating environment; it’s a place you’re not used to, you’re trying new and strange exercises, you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You might not realise at first, but your mind and body are learning so much and the stresses placed on it will cause it to react in different ways.

Sometimes this is too much, I can see it in my client’s eyes that they think they can’t do it, and because they think they can’t do it, they give up.

There are tears, frustrations and hormones coming into play. Trust me, you are not alone, it’s normal. Especially with being female, hormones effect you in ways you can’t control; you start crying because you did an exercise you’ve never done before, or because of the way your body reacts during that set, or you just did that extra rep you thought was impossible.

I have clients that have started to cry during a set, not knowing why. I can see they think they can’t do it and I will push them to finish that extra rep, and they do. The most common answer is their lack of self-belief and confidence. The way your body reacts and feels when you complete that last rep, or the feeling you get after a high intensity exercise can be scary if you aren’t use to it. I’m there to teach and support you during those times, it’s a lot to learn but it’s completely normal.

I’ve been there, and there are still times to this day when I don’t believe I can do it. When I don’t think I can do it, I can’t. That’s when it’s time to take a step back and reflect, why?
Too much in the mind? Lack of sleep? Hormones? Stress? Food habits? The list continues…
Whatever you think, you haven’t failed, it might just not be your day. Learn to handle those days in different ways. Do something different, change the mind-set, and set goals to help you not lose that self-belief.

I’m here to help you understand and navigate all these obstacles you may hit on the way to reaching your goals. It’s about taking small steps, appreciating the journey and progress along the way, even if it means missing the odd rep here or there, or taking a step back just to focus on the right technique and understanding what you need to change to prpel yourself forward.

Most importantly, belief is success – and I believe in you!

If you have goals you want to reach and want help, I am the person for it!
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